AIDS and Infectious Disease, Hour 2 of 3, How Often You Should Wash Your Hands

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Dr. Tyler Cyment

Dr. Cyment explains the importance of hand hygiene in practice. He explores the need for frequent hand washing, the barriers that make it difficult, and provides practical solutions. He discusses the common ways in which people and objects become contaminated and offers recommendations to minimize the spread of infection.

This hour is one of a complete course on Infectious Diseases. Every practitioner needs to know more about the diseases spreading within their communities, patient population, and organization. These courses will provide helpful information to help you minimize the spread of infectious diseases and minimize the impact these diseases will have on your practice. 

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to appraise a practice for hygiene deficiencies, locate problem areas and develop a plan to implement new hygiene policies and procedures that will reduce contamination and the spread of disease.


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