Care for Advanced Arthritis, Joint/Hip/Spinal Implants, Hour 9 of 13, Evaluation and Adjustment of the Leg

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Dr. William Ruch

This hour is one of thirteen in this course provided by Dr. William Ruch. The course will teach doctors advanced concepts and techniques used by leading practitioners to treat patients with arthritis and other chronic health conditions. It will offer the practitioner much-needed insight into different arthritic conditions and several health considerations relating to spinal implants, joint replacements, and arthritis. It will provide a foundation of understanding that will allow them to make better decisions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of patients with advanced arthritis. 

Learning Objectives

The practitioner will be able to consider and apply the most advanced and proven chiropractic techniques for diagnosing and treating patients with a variety of health considerations related to arthritis, joint replacements, and implants. In addition, practitioners will be able to apply what they learn to improve the safety and quality of service they provide to their patients.


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