Faulty Movement Patterns Revisited, Hour 6 of 10

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This hour is one of ten in this course provided by Dr. Craig Liebenson. If you are new to functional medicine, you should take them in sequence. However, if you are familiar with this material, you can view them any way you like. The course will introduce and demonstrate the most advanced concepts and techniques used by leading practitioners in the field of functional medicine. This course expands his earlier lectures, Faulty Movement Patterns, and Rehab of the Athlete, offering the most up-to-date information regarding rehabilitation. It will provide the practitioner with a foundation of understanding that will allow them to make decisions regarding patient rehabilitative programs, including when rehab is appropriate, which exercises to use, and how to perform them correctly. 

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to offer the modern practitioner the most advanced and proven rehabilitation techniques employed by leading experts from around the world. Practitioners will be able to start using these in practice to improve the quality of patient outcomes.


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