Integrative Myofascial Release, Hour 3 of 5, Demonstration (Head, Neck, Shoulder)

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Dr. Jean Paul Amonte

The Integrative Myofascial Release (IMR) course is a five-hour series. Dr. Jean Paul Amonte explains and demonstrates the components of IMR, including assessment, client positioning, techniques, and rehabilitative exercises. He presents several hand techniques, including Swedish, Russian, and Western. He also covers several ways to get a muscle in contraction to relax, including ischemic compression, vibration, reciprocal inhibition, post isometric relaxation, pin and stretch, Amonte towel, and stretching techniques. Finally, he includes rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the areas involved. Take any hour alone, but if taken together, it will give the viewer insight into Dr. Amonte’s integrated approach to treating patients and clients in practice.

In this hour: Dr. Amonte demonstrates the postural analysis and range of motion assessment of the neck/shoulder area. He presents various techniques, including; soft tissue, myofascial, pin and stretch, neuromuscular, and stretch. In addition, he demonstrates the Amonte towel techniques, several stretch techniques, and rehabilitation exercises for the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas. 

Learning Objectives

Viewers will be able to do a postural analysis and range of motion assessment of the neck/shoulder area and begin to use various techniques including; soft tissue, neuromuscular, and towel to better assist their clients.


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