Low Tech Rehab in Whiplash, Hour 1 0f 4, Functional Exercise Progression System

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Dr. Jay Greenstein

In this hour, Dr. Greenstein teaches a systematic approach to rehabilitation. He explains how to implement a rehabilitative program within the office that covers: four considerations of exercise, muscles prone to weakness versus tightness, pain and inflammation effect on function, joint integrity, mobility, ROM, muscle length, sensory and reflex integrity. He also reviews three keys to proprioception and sensory-motor training progressions.

This hour covers the fundamental principles of rehabilitation, balance, and stability exercises to rehabilitate patients diagnosed with traumatic injuries. In addition, the course covers patient-specific exercise protocols to progress your patients through every phase of care, allowing them to actively participate in their recovery. 

Learning Objectives

The participant will be able to apply several principles of a progressive rehabilitation system in their office and identify the muscles that are prone to weakness and need exercise versus those the are prone to tightness and need stretching. In addition, they will be able to use the information learned in this course to make better decisions about rehabilitation programs for specific patients diagnosed with traumatic injuries.


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