Low Tech Rehab in Whiplash, Hour 2 0f 4, Balance and Stabilization Training

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Dr. Jay Greenstein

In this hour, Dr. Greenstein explains the difference between structural and functional, local and global stability. In addition, he explains reflex joint stabilization, muscle activation, maximal strength, and postural stability. He will also review the principles of integration and sensorimotor systems, proprioception, and the many causes of instability throughout the body. He offers a variety of techniques for rehabilitation that incorporate balance boards, resistive bands, and movement exercises.

This hour covers the fundamental principles of rehabilitation, balance, and stability exercises to rehabilitate patients diagnosed with traumatic injuries. In addition, the course covers patient-specific exercise protocols to progress your patients through every phase of care, allowing them to actively participate in their recovery. 

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to assess instability and offer patients several ways to rehabilitate areas found in need of improvement.


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