Low Tech Rehab in Whiplash, Hour 3 0f 4, Exercise Ball Training

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Dr. Jay Greenstein

In this hour, Dr. Greenstein provides an in-depth study of the appropriate use of exercise ball use in a practice. He covers an exhaustive list of terms, concepts, considerations, and procedures needed to incorporate rehabilitation using an exercise ball, including stabilization, balance, rolling, resistance, and assessment. You will learn key terms, indications, and prescriptions that call for ball work by a patient. In addition, Dr. Greenstein will offer precautions to consider and several tips to make ball work a successful addition to your practice. This hour will cover the fundamental principles of rehabilitation, balance, and stability exercises to rehabilitate patients diagnosed with traumatic injuries. Finally, he covers patient-specific exercise protocols to progress your patients through every phase of care, allowing them to actively participate in their recovery. 

Learning Objectives

The participant will be able to add ball work to their practice with a complete understanding of its purposes, uses, precautions, and techniques.


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