Risk Management in the Multi-Disciplinary Practice, Hour 3 of 4, Documentation in the Multi-Disciplinary Practice

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This hour is one of four in Dr. Michael Carberry’s course on the risks to consider when operating a multi-disciplinary practice. It will teach you the most advanced concepts regarding the risks and benefits, along with the laws and regulations associated with starting and managing a multi-disciplinary practice. In addition, he provides you with information regarding the scope of practice, risk management, insurance, documentation, and audits. Finally, this course teaches the chiropractic doctor how to utilize medical doctors in a multi-disciplinary approach to offer better care to a more extensive patient base. 

Learning Objectives

Practitioners will be able to understand the many benefits, along with the medical-legal risks involved when adding a medical component to their practice. In addition, the chiropractor will learn how to work with the medical profession to offer superior care for their patients.


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