Spinal Trauma, Hour 10 of 12, Pre-Existing Conditions Should Modify Your Treatment Plan

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This course provides the practitioner with information essential in the understanding of pre-existing conditions. In addition, it covers the impact a pre-existing condition will have in the care and management of trauma cases:

  1. Dr. Cronk offers a list of pre-existing conditions to consider.
  2. He defines categories of conditions, key terms and provides several rulings regarding court findings in cases involving pre-existing complications.
  3. He provides you with examples of documentation and advice to defend your diagnosis and professional opinion in response to an independent medical evaluation that has a contrary view. 

This hour is one of twelve by Dr. Cronk. Take it alone or as a group in any order. 

Learning Objectives

The participant will be able to define key terms related to pre-existing conditions. As a result, they will be able to document pre-existing conditions more accurately and report with authority their opinions in defense of an IME with different findings or opinions.


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