Dr. Jerry Jacobson

Prof. Jerry Jacobson is a theoretical physicist, biophysicist, and medical researcher. He is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of bio-electric magnetics, an inventor with over forty patents, author of over 100 scientific papers. He has lectured throughout the world for over thirty years on the subject of magnetic resonance. He serves as Chief Science Officer for Pico-Tesla Magnetic Therapies and Magnecutical Health.

He is a doctor of philosophy, Bundelkhand University, Medicine/Biophysics Concentration, Jhansi, India, 2002, Doctor of Medical Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Temple University, Dental Medicine/ Dental Surgery
Philadelphia, PA., 1970

He is listed in Who’s Who in American Inventors, holds the International Order of Merit, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, is listed in the Top One Thousand Personalities of the Twentieth Century, and was awarded the Special Achievement in Medical Research, Bundelkhand University Convocation, Jhansi, India, 2003



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