FPM – Precision Programming (All 11 Hours)


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This is a five-camera recording of Craig Liebenson’s live seminar and workshop. Craig does introductions and voiceovers each hour to ensure you understand everything you see. There is so much packed into the eleven-hour program. Watch it as many times as you like over the next three years.

  • Grand Rounds – See LIVE cases with problem-solving and the reasoning process.
  • First principles thinking is boiling a process down to the fundamental parts you know are true and building up from there.
  • Over 2000 years ago, Aristotle defined a first principle as “the first basis from which a thing is known.”
  • When faced with complex problems, we default to thinking like everybody else. First principles thinking is a powerful way to help you break out of this herd mentality, think outside the box, and ultimately innovate brand new solutions to familiar problems.”
  • Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, says there’s a better way to innovate: start with a blank slate and use first principles.
  • The FPM (Precision Programming) concepts & philosophy are evidence-based & practical. They bridge the gap from research to practice to reduce injury risk; accelerate rehab; prevent chronicity; enhance performance in the lifespan of health.
  • This knowledge translation occurs through our unique Lab Immersion Experience with interactive live problem-based active learning presentations; and hands-on evaluation and training exercises.
  • “Don’t fall behind in your techniques. The methods should serve the goals.” Dr. Karel Lewit
  • “Time spent in assessment will save time in treatment. The test is the exercise; the exercise is the test”. Dr. Vladimir Janda

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